CreekBed Crafts

"Are those real plants?"

That's the question we always hear. Nope. They are immortal plants, sculpted with wire and paper. No need to water these babies.  They add a perfect pop of artistic greenery to any shelf!

Have you ever wished you could pluck a flower from a painting to keep in our 3-D world?  Here is your dream come true. Immortal flowers, that look like they came straight from a surrealist landscape painting

Vintage Jars,Pots and Ceramics

Each piece is unique and  every plant is hand made.

Faux stained glass on reclaimed windows

About the Artist

Stacie Paul has been blessed with an extra dose of creativity.  She creates a wide variety of  colorful, playful, whimsical pieces to decorate the home. She realized she had a passion for sculpting with wire.  She created a new technique for a type of faux stained glass using colored paper and reclaimed windows.  She enjoys finding the vintage pieces to house the little plants. Since retiring from her life long career in the dental field the last few years she's been creating non-stop. She's now ready to share her art with the world.